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How to get a security job as a CCTV operator

Forging a career within the security industry is a reliable and well-paid career choice, it can be a stepping stone to other senior job pursuits, or an excellent opportunity to help people.  

Starting a career as a CCTV operator in the security industry is easy when you have the right guidance and training. We’re here to do just that and guide you through the entire process to help kick start your career in the security industry!

Step 1: SIA Licence required

The first step to your new career path as a CCTV operator is gaining your SIA Licence. You must complete an SIA training course to get your SIA licence. This is a legal requirement for working in security.

To work as a CCTV operator, you specifically need a CCTV operator’s licence. This course provides the knowledge and practical experience to progress your career into becoming a fully trained CCTV operative, security supervisor or various other management roles within the security industry. As well as covering everything from the equipment and monitoring techniques with CCTV to the legal aspects of monitoring CCTV.

You can sign up for a CCTV operator course here.

Step 2: Responsibilities

As a CCTV operator you will have many duties that include but are not limited to:

  • Customer Support Services
  • Alarm management
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Technical Administration

Your day-to-day duties may also include scheduling the rotation of security officers, as well as monitoring check-ins from the rest of the team who may be out on patrol and reporting back. You will also have the responsibility of providing backup through communication to other security officers who may radio in if they detect suspicious activities. You will join a team considered the communication hub of the security team and will respond to incoming calls as well as dispatch calls. You will be expected to be great at multitasking and be a natural communicator as you will be responsible for many parts of contact within your wider security team.

Earning potential

In this role you can expect an hourly rate of up to £13 an hour or between £20,000-£30,00 per year.

Course cost

The SIA CCTV Operator licence costs £250 and is valid for 3 years.

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