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In their most recent announcement, the government revealed that Job Seekers currently claiming Universal Credit will have to search for jobs outside of their chosen field or face benefit cuts. Under the new plans, people on Universal Credit will have to successfully find jobs within 4 weeks rather than 3 months. Evidently the poses a significant monetary threat to those people dependent on Universal Credit, so, what reputable careers could you embark on in under one month?

The answer, the Security sector. Security is one of the only industries that allows you to go from unemployment to training, training to qualified and qualified to employed in under four weeks, without facing any benefit cuts.

What are the changes to Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is a government scheme to help individuals with their living expenses. Those with a low income, out of work or unable to work can also apply.

In a bid to improve the UK unemployment rate, the UK Government has announced the reduction of benefits for job seekers on Universal Credit if they fail to make reasonable efforts to get a job or if they turn down employment. Government ministers aim to have 500,000 jobseekers employed by the end of June 2022.

How can you build a long-term career in Security within 4 weeks?

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, job vacancies in the U.K hit a record high of 1.22 million open positions available in 2021. The U.K private security sector has seen a large rise in the proportion of vacancies due to both Brexit and Covid-19. Although to some a career in security may seem risky, there are a variety of roles available for every ability whilst offering a quick and easy path to career progression.

IPM has over 4 available training programmes to help you forge a career in security and hundreds of jobs available throughout the U.K. Typically, it takes around 4 weeks to establish a career in the Security Industry. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, take a look at the timeline we’ve created to attain the top careers in security.

Security Career Timeline

Security JobTraining TimeSIA License Arrival
CCTV3 days 2 weeks
Security Guard4 days2 weeks
Door Supervisor6 days2 weeks

For those seeking jobs within the Security sector, you can expect to find employment immediately following the arrival of an SIA License. Therefore, the total time it takes to secure a job in the Security industry is 4 weeks, with CCTV being the shortest course of action.

So, what makes IPM Group Training & Recruitment stand out from the crowd? We offer a guaranteed interview to anyone who completes our SIA Door Supervisor Training course. As our list of contracts continues to grow, we are always actively looking for new Door Supervisors to undertake a range of positions. Complete this course and we will offer you a guaranteed interview for immediate start job opportunities.

SIA Door Supervisor Licence

4 reasons why Job Seekers should join the Security Industry

Whilst there is a debate that the Government’s decision is a callous move, actively forcing people to take up any job, an unexpected career in Security, the most-in-demand sector right now can offer a fantastic salary and great long-term job opportunities.

These are the top 4 reasons to join the Security Industry right now:

1. Job Opportunities

According to a recent report by The Guardian, the UK’s economy has been affected by a staff deficit following both the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit. As a result, industries such as the late-night entertainment sector and hospitality are facing a serious shortage of security staff, many of which are still yet to be filled.

Of course, this is amazing news for those currently seeking jobs or ambitious to start a career in the Security Industry. With rising demand, there are many promising opportunities in the Security Industry that can be explored.

2. Increasing pay

Due to the shortage of security staff in various industries, employers, including IPM Group are paying up to 25% more to attract potential candidates. So, not only can you find good job opportunities right now, but you can also take advantage of increased pay in the Security sector!

3. Long-term security

If you choose to work with a private security company such as IPM Group with the right SIA qualifications, you can progress in your career quickly from a junior position to a Team lead or even a Senior Management role. Team leader and senior management roles within IPM Group currently pay up to £13 ph. To improve your CV, the key is to consistently take opportunities to train and develop yourself and gain multiple skills and qualifications, such as SIA top-up training, First Aid Training (FAW). Again, all of these are available through IPM Group. A career in security can be long-term if you aspire to develop yourself and stay committed! You could also work towards becoming a trainer and passing on your knowledge to the next generation of impassioned students looking to start a career in security.

4. Career Progression

In the Security Industry, career progression is quick and simple, as long as you stay consistent and work hard, you’ll go places! Many individuals who applied themselves at IPM Group have thoroughly advanced in their careers into Senior Security Operations Managers, Team Leaders and Team Supervisors a few years after getting their licence.

If you are dependent on Universal Credit and still out of work, then you may need to act fast before your benefits are reduced. Consider the possibilities of starting a career in the UK’s Security Industry. There are plenty of opportunities to explore and you never know how quickly you can get on top of the ladder!

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