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Now the UK has hopefully navigated Covid-19 and national restrictions have eased, exciting large-scale social events look to make a big comeback! With 241 festivals taking place in the U.K this summer alone, ranging from food and music festivals to private parties, demand for security personnel is set to increase.

As demand for staff increases, the expected price and subsequently wage of security personnel also increases, particularly at a time when the whole UK job market is so fluid.  

As a security professional, here’s how you can earn more income at events throughout the year:

1.Get Licenced

To earn more, you need to gain skills that give you an edge over other candidates. Event organisers prefer to hire licensed personnel to ensure that events run smoothly. If you are interested to work at events, getting an SIA licence can increase your chances of employment as well as enable you to earn more. SIA licenses are available through IPM Group, with the prospect of a guaranteed interview upon completion.

All that being said, it is not necessary to obtain a license. At IPM Group we offer unqualified work as an event steward throughout the year. Full training is provided, including the nationally recognised Award in Understanding Spectator Safety at Events and Level 2 in Spectator Safety all delivered by our own in-house expert instructors from the IPM Training Academy located in Rotherham.

2. Get Certifications

At large events, the probability of an adverse incident is high. For example, concerts can be overcrowded, as such, members of the public can get hurt by being in a crowded space. In such situations, it pays dividends if security professionals have adequate First Aid Training. Providing them with the know how to help individuals suffering due to any injury caused at the event. The SIA has made First Aid Training a mandatory part of the SIA renewal process. This certification makes you more valuable to employers and helps you earn more as well. We also offer both standard first aid training and emergency first aid training through our training centre, designed to give you a leg up beyond the competition.

3. CCTV Operative opportunities

A CCTV operative has many duties that include but are not limited to, Customer Support Services, Alarm management, CCTV Monitoring and Technical Administration. This position comes with great career progression opportunities, and a CCTV operative can be trained, licensed, and employed within the space of a month, ready to start their career. Due to the nature of this career, a CCTV operative has the opportunity to earn a decent salary within the security industry. In the UK, you can earn up to £25,000 as an experienced CCTV Operative.

Now that you know how to earn more at events, take a look at the opportunities we have available at IPM Group.

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