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What is SIA training and why is it important for a career in Security

When starting a career in the UK’s security industry, it’s essential that you know the rules and regulations! The most important part of your security career is the Security Industry Authority (SIA) training. It is a good idea to gain an understanding of the SIA training before starting out.

What is SIA Training?

SIA training is essential prior to start a security job. Whether you want to be a Door Supervisor, CCTV operative or a Close Protection officer, you need to take SIA approved training courses.

Let’s say, you are interested in becoming a Door Supervisor, you will need to take the SIA Door Supervisor training course in order to get your SIA licence.

In this SIA Door Supervisor Training Course, you will learn how to uphold security procedures safely and effectively as a Door Supervisor. You will cover in-depth how to defuse potentially confrontational situations with conflict management techniques. You will also learn how to search for members of the public to ensure venues are kept safe.

An SIA licence is a mandatory requirement to work in the security industry. Once you are done with your training, you will need to take an SIA exam. Passing the exam is easy if you have the right training and training materials, all of which are provided by the team at IPM Group. After clearing the exam, you will get your SIA licence and be able to immediately work in the security industry.

How much do the SIA Door Supervisor courses and licences cost?

At IPM Group, we off our 8-day SIA Door Supervisor Course at £149. The cost of starting a licence application is £190.

How to get an SIA Licence?

Once you have completed your SIA training, you can apply for the SIA licence on the SIA website. It is best to ensure that you meet all the requirements outlined by the SIA before starting your application. 

Ace your SIA exam with the SIA Door Supervisor training provided by IPM Group

Our training programme is an all-in-one solution to all things SIA. You can book a training course, and get free SIA mock exams, and training materials to help you prepare for the exam. After you have passed your exam, kick start your career by receiving a guaranteed job interview with us. As our list of contracts continues to grow, we are always actively looking for new Door Supervisors to undertake a range of positions.

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